• Heritage Open Day

    9th Sep 2017:

    Horsley Church will be open again for a Heritage Open Day on this year. Clicking on the link will take you to the Heritage Open Day website. Volunteers will be on hand from 11:00 until 15:00 to ...

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  • Musical Events

    17th Jun 2017:

    There will be a programme of musical events beginning in June to celebrate the return of the restored organ. Please click here to see and download the flier. More information will be posted as it ...

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  • "Drop-In" event

    11th Mar 2017:

    There will be a drop-in event to hear and see the newly restored organ. Everybody is welcome and there will be coffee and light refreshments. You will also be able to see the exhibition banners ...

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  • The organ is being reassembled

    2nd Aug 2016:

    The first week in August saw first pieces of the restored organ returning to Horsley Church. Click on the gallery — Reassembly (1) — for the images. The heavy pieces came first, and soon began to...

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  • The front pipes are being restored

    5th May 2016:

    Many thanks indeed to the firm of Butler and Castell, specialists in carved and gilt antique restoration, who have sent us some photographs of their work on the front pipes. Organ restoration is ...

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  • 'Our Music Seen' Exhibition

    24th Mar 2016:

    As part of our programme, we are organising a photographic exhibition of musicians in Redesdale and North Tynedale (perhaps farther afield as well). Of course, you can get involved. We're not just...

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  • Name the Mouse Competition

    15th Mar 2016:

    If you’ve been watching BBC 2’s The Great Interior Design Challenge, you will have seen Sunderland illustrator and author Anne Curtis reach the quarter-finals. Anne is writing our children’s ...

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    Organ is being restored in Rosyth

    3rd Feb 2016:

    The organ has now been in Rosyth for several weeks and the work is progressing well. The photographs on the gallery (please click on the "Photos" link above) illustrate the restoration of the chests, ...

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    Community Gathering

    30th Jan 2016:

    Gemshorn There will be an evening get-together for the local community on 5 February 2016. Come and join us for updates on the organ project, "non-organy" music by local musicians, as well as food ...

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    Organ is dismantled.

    14th Nov 2015:

    The organ is being dismantled over the next two weeks, and a small replacement instrument installed on the gallery...

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    Open Morning

    18th May 2015:

    Around 50 people attended our Open Morning (click here for a short video) and a total of forty (= 80%) questionnaires were obtained for evaluation, which was an excellent response in terms of such ...

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