'Our Music Seen' Exhibition

24th Mar 2016

    As part of our programme, we are organising a photographic exhibition of musicians in Redesdale and North Tynedale (perhaps farther afield as well). Of course, you can get involved.

    We're not just looking for images of the contemporary music scene, we also want to show the variety and richness of past musical activity in the area. If you've got images and stories that you could share with us for our touring exhibition, please get in touch. Contact David Walmsley, our heritage activities coordinatorwalmsleyd2@aol.com.He'll scan your image and return it very quickly if you can't send it by email. Here you can find a collage of five that we've got so far to give you a flavour of what we're looking for. There's no age limit either (on the photographs as well as the people in them).