The organ is being reassembled

2nd Aug 2016

    The first week in August saw first pieces of the restored organ returning to Horsley Church. Click on the gallery — Reassembly (1) — for the images.

    The heavy pieces came first, and soon began to fill the body of the church. But before the organ could be resintalled, the positive organ which we'd had on loan from Forth Pipe Organs had to be removed.

    The reservoir and its restored feeders were the first components to be lifted onto the gallery. Luckily, marks on the floor indicated to within a few millimetres where the feet had to go. Then the building frame followed, ready to take the two heavy windchests, the Swell at the back, and the Great at the front.

    Once the base of the Swell box had been fixed, the enclosure for the Swell could be built and most of the heavy lifting work was over.